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Plum Blossoms On My Street

This time of year I experience beauty every time I'm out in my neighborhood. The plum trees are covered with 5 petaled light pink blossoms. They are beautiful by day and form lovely clouds at night. And I walk on the petals that fall through the air to the sidewalk. We also have flowering cherry trees in blossom. They are mutipetaled and deep pink but seem flashy to me beside the more subtle and delicate plum blossoms. Although, of course, they are also beautiful. When they bloomed confusedly in the early winter I was thrilled.

The plum trees are real fruit trees and produce plums which are considered a mixed blessing in an urban neighborhood. The flowering cherry trees produce only blossoms.

I've used plum blossom in very different designs and folks who read my jewelry diary have seen over time.

Tonight I did the finishing work in wax for two opal pendants. One had a brilliant Ethiopian opal, transparent with brilliant bands of color. The other is probably the most beautiful opal triplet I've ever seen. It has blues and greens but the major colors are various shades of brilliant red flashes. The work itself is not my favorite part. I was finishing tiny settings with prongs for supporting stones. They're finished but I'll want to go over them one more time with magnifiers before I cast them.

Still thinking about rhinoceroses...
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