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Thinking Rhinocerous
I made some rhinoceros pendants a long time ago, including a full bas-relief of a rhinoceros standing on an oval grey patterned onyx.

Now all of a sudden I seem to be dreaming rhinos.  So I suspect I'll be designing some soon. The wrinkles and the textures are amazing.


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This reminds me of a something I saw on Facebook about how unicorns really are real--they're just fat and gray and wrinkly! Now, about the magic...

And rhinos are magic!

Now I want some rhinoceros fabric.

And I'd love to see what you do with it.

I owe one of my favorite artists to the rhinoceros; it was seeing the rhino print of Albrecht Dürer that made me seek out the rest of his work.

I know that print very well. It's exquisite work.

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