laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Antique Earrings/Necklace

I've been designing a necklace for ever that centers on two large antique crescent shaped patterned hoops that were made by hill people in South Asia.

The shapes and designs are very challenging but it's now completely finished in terms of the art and about 80% finished in terms of the tech.  It actually needs a fitting in wax. This is a first for me for a necklace design.  There will be some tiny diamonds set into some of the links as well (It's all dark silver.).  The necklace pieces are both balanced, asymmetrical and varied and  that has been part of the challenge.  There will be a photo.

I've been working on the amber earrings with the bugs and they are coming along beautifully.  And I've been design playing with a flat web like setting for a gorgeous boulder opal.

I'm still not over the bug but improving and spending a lot of time on wax.  And getting tired of saying I've improving... I would like to simply be OK. 
Tags: art jewelry, jewlery

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