laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

And Back Yet Again

I've had a bug all month that I keep thinking I'm over and then I'm not.  Finally was diagnosed as a sinus infection and I'm on antibiotics, so hopefully it will really be over soon!

I've have been getting some work done but it's definitely slowed me down.

Just sent Bayla Fine a pair of ruby earrings for her collection. Unfortunately not photographable.

But this opal pendant that I made for her a while ago was.  The colors are _far_ more stunning then the ones in the photo but it does give a sense of the piece.  The stone is a microcrystaline lightening ridge opal and becasue it is clear it's very hard to photograph the colors.  The size is about 2 inches across.


I've been working on an Ethiopian opal pendant with some diamonds( from Rebecca's family rings).  I'm very happy with it.

And I have wedding bands just cast for some folks in Montreal.  The woman's band accompanies a silver ring set with a art deco spinal.

Would really like to feel better.

Mood: A Bit Grim

Tags: art jewelry, jewelry, opals
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