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Bronze Octopus and Back Again

Last time I posted 2 weeks ago I thought I was fine and back at work. That was followed by a pinched nerve (May that never happen to me again.) The worst of it was over quickly but it took a while to be able to be back at work. But now, hopefully, I am.

Photo is of a bronze and natural garnet crystal pendant that I made for SJ Alexander. She had the stone for years and wanted some thing very special for it and like me she loves octopi.

Width is about 3.5". The garnet really needed bronze. There are beautiful gold highlights in in that are not visible in the photo.

I've just gotten a commission for amber earrings to match one of my amber pendants from some years ago. Had the stones cut for them and was very fortunate to get one of the stones with a 50 million year old fly. The design will include period appropriate cycads. I love including time appropriate plants when I set fossils.

I saw my daughter Cid's dance concert Your Body Is Like A Shark both at ODC in San Francisco and in Santa Cruz. It was was complex and marvelous.  the collaboration of dance, music and poetry really flowed.

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