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Making Jewelry Photos and Dance

I'm back at work after a holiday cold. (Holidays were great. I spent it with my daughters.)

I've just spent too much time photographing 3 recently finished commissions. The Rothko-influenced copapyrite and emerald pendant was hard but ended up satisfactory. I've always loved Rothko's work, and using it as an influence was inspiring. Got a good image of the large garnet crystal set in bronze with the octopus and seaweed design.

But I had a lacework opal pendant where the silver photographed just fine and although the opal looks good, it's actually fabulous. After a number of shots I realized that it just wasn't photogenic.

They'll all go up after the people I made them for receive them.

I’ve watched my daughter Cid working intensely on Your Body Is Not A Shark (a dance collaboration) for the last year.   There's an article in SFArts that is a superb conversation about Your Body Is Not A Shark, disability, art and the way limits can lead to brilliant work. 

Choreographed by Cid Pearlman, with an original score composed and performed by Joan Jeanrenaud, text by poet Denise Leto, and musical direction by Maya Barsacq, Your Body is Not a Shark is a rigorous investigation into the inevitable fragility of the human body. At some point in our lives we each will experience a lack of physical capacity or a diminishing of social presence. This may come on quickly or over time, but it will come. Using “the stutter and the stumble” as inspiration for kinetic, aural, and poetic research, Your Body is Not a Shark asks the questions: What happens when we stumble, when our words won’t come out, when the body stutters? How can music, movement, and language evoke a broken wholeness?

This new work will premiere at ODC Theater in San Francisco, January 11-13, 2013, followed by performances at Motion at the Mill in Santa Cruz, January 17-20.

I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
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