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New Opals and Finished Work
These are 2 new opals that I just got. I'm thinking about designs.

I've just finished a silver lace opal pendant for the collection of Bayla Fine with at stunning microcrystalline opal and a silver casopyrite pendat for the colection of Beth Zipser.

The casopyrite design is heavily influenced by mid twentieth century modernism and particularly by the paintings of Mark Rothko. I saw a solo exhibition of his work at MOMA in New York many years ago that moved me deeply. I can still access how strongly I felt then.

I'm photographing them tonight.

Not sure if I'll be journaling again before the holidays, so best to everyone.

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Those are nice stones. I especially like the triangular one; are they likely to be even close to that shiny once set?

The opals are actually far more brilliant then the photos. They are remarkably beautiful triplets.

Exquisite - I love the color.

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