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Jewerly and Waxes
I thought people might find it interesting to see the carved waxes and the final metal jewelry.

Below are photos of waxes and the finished metal and stone designs. They were made for Rebecca Burgess, who took the photos. The ring is opal 14kt and diamond.

The pendant is opal and 14kt. Both of the opals are lightening ridge opal form Australia that were cut for me. The pendant stone is more brilliant then appears in the photo. It's one of the opals that changes as you move.

I had a excellent Thanksgiving with my daughters and am planning on left over turkey etc for dinner tonight.

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Fascinating! Thanks for posting the photos!

How much problems do you have with shrinkage in casting? I ask because I still have at least one behemoth casting I made to fit a particular stone, and the shrinkage was such that it all had to be reamed out AGAIN, and it's a weirdly-shaped stone, and so far I have not been able to get a solid seat in the casting that was MADE FOR IT.

I think I was asking for trouble to try it as a bezel setting, though. :P

Still- for these more delicate settings- do you have shrinkage issues from the wax?

Usually, even in smaller designs I allow for a small amount of shrinkage. The only time it's a normal problem is in large long waxes and then sometimes work is needed after the piece is cast, although I do try to allow for it in the design. I allow for shrinkage by eye but it is often recommended that stones be coated with nail polish on the outside edges to compensate for shrinkage.

And sometimes because casting is an art and occasionally a mystery you get shrinkage for no apparent reason.

I don't have experience with bezel setting in casting since my designs are not suited to them.

Good luck with your behomoth. It's behomthness is probably part of the reason for the problem.

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