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Cherry Trees and Calligraphy
There are two old gnarled cherry trees in my neighborhood that have blossoms on a few branches right now. We've been having unseasonably warm weather and they are clearly confused. I,on the other hand, am delighted and am making a point of walking by them often. They even showed up in a dream a few days ago. Yes, I do sometimes dream about jewelry too.

I went to the Chinese calligraphy exhibition here at the Asian Art Museum.  It's a complex art form I really love.  Have seen some amazing work in Japan.  I think that it's going to inspire some new and different work.  I spent part of my time at the exhibition thinking about design.

The big vivid octopus with seaweed for the garnet crystal is polished. Now the stone needs to be set. It's a new bronze alloy and I like it a lot. I expect to be doing more work in it.

I've also finished the diamond and opal pieces that I've been working on for so long. They should be cast within a week.

I'll be glued to the election results tomorrow night like everyone else.


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I'm curious- what's the new bronze alloy?


Actually I'm checking into the exact alloy. Will let you know.

Please do let me know! I LOVE knowing about new alloys!

Like, Hoover & Strong has a new one that 50% Pd and the rest more-or-less sterling silver- I bought a sample piece and haven't wear-tested it yet, but it's working qualities are great and it's a lovely pale white.

I really love bronze, and would love to hear about the new one. Thanks!

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