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Photo problem seems solved. I'm now on Dreamwidth as "laurieopal". Even though I can't post images directly on LJ. I can cross post them.

So first image is of a pearl flower and silver pendant that I made recently. Actual height is about 2.5 inches.

I've just finished the octopus/seaweed large bronze pendant with the garnet crystal. it will be cast this week. The textural difference between the way the work looks in bronze or silver is interesting when I'm carving waxes. I need to clearly visualized the metal that I'm making the design in.

The opal, gold and diamond pendants are almost finished in wax. just a couple ofvery tiny touches left. One is a very subtle tiny size modification that I still want to think about a little.

Mood: Photographically satisfied

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Every last detail. :-)

Thanks! I loved the colors in the pearl.


Thanks. That's a great frog!

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