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I'm In The Huffington Post's "30 GLBT Artists And Performers to Follow"

My vacation was great and restful.  But it was followed by very intense time and I'm pretty wiped out, but I really wanted to tell folks about this.

I was really surprised  yesterday when my daughter Cid emailed me that I was one of the artists in the Huffington Post's 30 GLBT Artists And Performers To Follow. It was put up for LGBT history month on National Coming Out Day.

Huffington Post: October is LGBT History Month and we're celebrating with our party hats on. Especially since today is National Coming Out Day. What better way to energize the festivities than with a rundown of our favorite creative people who are loud and proud? (Well, some aren't very loud...)

My write up and photo of Bob Guter is here in the show. The slide show has both images and videos and is diverse and really interesting.  Among the artists and performers included are rapper Frank Ocean, writer Camille Paglia, artist David Hockney,  photographer De La Grace Volcano, South African  photographer Zanale Muholi, and artist Susan Mikula. (Susan Mikula is photographed with her partner Rachel Madow, who serendipitously I'm listening to as I write this.)  It's worth watching the whole slide show!

This is the second time my work has been featured in The Huffington Post.  The first was last June in 30 LGBT Artists You Should Know.  I felt honored then by the company I was in and I feel equally honored this time.

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