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Electrum Etc.

The pendants in electrum that I talked about last week were my first casting failure in about 10 years.  It's why it's an art not a science.  Given the kind of work I do it's a great record.

So after being thoroughly unhappy and briefly angry about it, I made two new electrum pendants that just cast perfectly.  Both of them are designed explicitly for the metal and it's reflective qualities.  I love the color of the metal. One will be set with a brilliant red sapphire and the other with a lovely large pearl.  I'm glad they worked out so beautifully, because I made them mostly in what was the modest amount of down time I had last week.

And tonight I finished up the major polishing I need to do for Worldcon.  It involves a lot of careful preliminary work with hand tools and then the rest working on my Flexible shaft.  Still have some fine polishing to do, some stone setting and lots of work with metal parts and chains.  But with the major polishing behind me I'm feeling more on top of it. This is always an intense time of year.

When we were redoing the studio space, I came across two Victorian carved warrior's heads in onyx.  I'll probably bring them to Worldcon.

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