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Hard Sheep
It seems like I keep saying I''m getting better. Well, they changed my antibiotic and I do feel much better..not well but lots more energy.

I just finished a small entwined leaf pendant with a splendid small opal that is a sternum piece.  It will clip onto her permanent sternum loop.

I've been working on this sheep "Brillo" from the 1632 books off and on all week. I think I finally have it right. If you look at the photo you can see why it's so hard. Look at the  legs in proportion to the wooly body. They are improbable. (If you didn't know better, you'd think the sheep would fall over.) The legs look much to thin in proportion to the body, much like horses. These kind of real but improbable bodies mean your depiction of the animal has to be particularly perfect. That's why there are artists who specialize in horses.

I've been working from this photo of a Gute sheep and a number of photos of sheep in movement.  Note "sheep rearing" gets shepherds and 4H Club kids raising sheep ...not what I was looking for.  The rearing movement that I wanted ended up being a combination of movement from several photographs.

If you're at Westercon, I'll show it to you.

Also am working on a setting for a deep dark green piece of Ching jade that I've had forever.  Antique jade is high on my list of things I love, often the texture as much as the look.

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm planning on  journaling more.  So, hopefully, more tomorrow.

Mood: Optomistic and Wooly

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Hi, I remember we have met once before in real life. I found you by clicking on the link for "tee corinne" and finding that you and I are the only ones who listed her as an interest.

We did meet in Seattle back in about 1994 or 1995 or so at my small alternative space gallery I was running at that time in Pioneer square. I would be happy to be your friend here. Nice to find you. :)

Good to hear from you after so long. I'll be writing about Tee later in August on Body Impolitic.

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