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Almost All Packed For Norwescon
All that's left is packing my clothes and roping and taping my boxes.  I'm leaving in the morning for Norwescon in Seattle.  I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. And I love Seattle spring.

And I have more good news from Japan The National Museum of Art has just published “Selected Works from the Collection of the National Museum of Art, Osaka”.  I am delighted that my photograph of Bob Guter is among the chosen work.

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This is one of my favorite photos. I think it's classically beautiful.

Very belatedly - I lost track of these because I left for Norwescon almost immediately.

Thanks, I agree. It's hanging in my living room

Congratulations on a well-deserved honor for a beautiful photo. The play of light and shade over the contours of Bob's back is particularly lovely.

Sorry this got past me in the post-Norwescon stuff. Thank you. I worked hard getting those shadows right when I printed it.

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