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Opal and Black Silver
I just mostly finished doing the chain and metal work for Boskone.  Got a little too design carried away with black silver and black and bronze and made more work for myself then I planned.  Now it's mostly finished.  Have some soldering and a little polishing and completing work but its all much closer to being done.

There is what I gather is an amazing package of stones coming from my lapidary this week.  I'm really looking forward to it.

This is the Ethiopian  opal and black silver pendant from Bayla Fine's collection.  The several tones of black almost show in the photo.  (I'll have some black silver designs, inlcuding a small flock of Ravens at Boskone.)

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That's stupendous.

(I also really loved the dragonfly pendant but was too envious to say so immediately.)


thanks. Hope you get to see some of the black silver lace work one of these days.

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