laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Black Coral Reef

This is the black coral pendant I've been writing about.  The stones are yellow diamonds, black opal (fish), blue tourmaline (jelly fish) and the center stone is chatoyant chrysacolla, chatoyant malachite and druze crystal.  Actual size is about 3 inches wide.  It's from the collection of Bayla Fine.

I'm really happy with the photo except for the fact that the black silver was very subtly painted and polished and that doesn't show as well as I'd like.  It's a new technique that I've been working on a lot.

I'm working on a small lace butterfly woman I hope to have finished for Boskone and I'm going to go back to that now.

Next photo will be Beth Zipser's peridot dragonfly.

Tags: art jewelry, coral design, jewelry, stones
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