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Eyeglass jewelry

I'm really looking forward to going to Boskone in February.  I'm organizing the work that I need to polish and set for it.

The Irish setter pendant cast exquisitely well.  I did some preliminary polishing on it today.  Very detailed creatures sometimes don't photograph well but I will have a picture.

This is a photo of a lapis and sterling eyeglass pendant that I made for Diane Martin. It hangs where the ear piece would usually meet the frame and balances the glasses. There is a single ear piece on the other side. When I see Diane I'll try to get a photo of her wearing it.

Size is about 2.5 inches. There was a lot of tech in the design, weight etc since it must be functional.

I've made two other pieces of eyeglass jewelry over the years. One was a pair of black framed glasses with the ear pieces decorated with dark blue opals and leaves and vines  (for Mike Zipser) the other was a jeweled dragon that perched on one of the eye pieces and the tail wrapped around the frame.

My health is starting to feel a little too much like Zeno's paradox but I am getting better.
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