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Magnificent Maps
I'm still not over this bug.  But, one of the upsides is time to do quiet research on the web.

As I've mentioned,  I have a sculpture commission for a medieval/renaissance influenced map of an imagined world.  I found this web site for an exhibition, Magnificent Maps, that was at the British Library.  The site is excellent you can move in and out and examine the maps in fine detail.  There are 4 maps on the site including the Psalter map below.


Despite its small size, this is one of the ‘great’ medieval world maps. It is probably a copy of the lost map which adorned King Henry III's bedchamber in Westminster Palace from the mid-1230s. The original colours are intact. Showing east at the top, it is a visual encyclopedia, embracing ancient history, politics, scripture and ethnography as well as geography.
Psalter World Map : Westminster, c.1265

This is an example of a detail.




I'll be spending lots of time looking at them and thinking about my sculpture.
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Oh, that's magnificent. I found a rhyolite cabochon that reminds me so much of some kind of medieval map. I'm still figuring out how to turn it into a suitable piece of jewelry. Maybe set in metal with the look of an old cathedral...

I've been thinking about a cathedral setting for the right stone for about 2 years, so that is going to sound beautiful to me. I had a possible commission that was going to be a cathedral then and it veered off into some thing very beautiful and completely different,leaving me with a mild case of cathedral hunger. What kind of cathedral would, of course depend on the stone. If you decide to make rhyolite as a cathedral, I'll look forward to seeing it.

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