laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

It's Late

I've been so focused on carving waxes that I didn't realize that I hadn't posted in over a week.

I still have some major designs to do but I'm at  a pause as of tonight.  I'll be working in metal (except for the gold which is still in process) and setting stones etc. for awhile.  and I'll be spruing waxes but not carving right now.

I finished a river otter in wax that is a very precise and delicate carving with just a touch of anatomical incorrectness to make the animal really flow in bas-relief.

By the end of next week lots of work that I've polished will be set and there will be photos. Including the black silver coral reef  and the black lace work piece with a brilliant Ethiopian opal.

Some of the designs I've been working on for Boskone have a rough lace design that is a very different development out of the earlier lace pendants.    I've been working on an opaque amethyst with internal lace like patterns.

And I'm tired but I wanted to post tonight.

Mood:  Done
Tags: art jewelry, boskone, gem stones, jewelry, stones

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