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Virtue and Worldcon
All the work that I needed to mail to folks (ring sizing etc.) went out the beginning of the week. (Except for one moonstone cart I have to set, which will go out on Monday.)

I'm feeling very virtuous.

And the rings for World Fantasy are cast, as are two new pendants.  One of them with a remarkable blood red tourmaline.  Still have lots of polishing and setting and   design wax to do but I am feeling virtuous.

I've been thinking of working in some bronze (There is an alloy with manganese that is appealing.) and my head is full of ambiguous designs that are very unclear at the moment.  The work needs to be designed for the metal so it will be different and it going to take some time to work out.

Photo is of a large silver  lacework pendant with kyanite and garnets that will be at World Fantasy.  Width is about 3"


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We'll be there--looking forward to seeing you and the new rings and pendants both. :-)

Looking forward to seeing you too. It's been a while.

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