laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Cats and Ammonites

I've been working today on rings, mostly a couple of tourmalines in brilliant blues and a deep blue lapis with deep gold flecks.

This is the ammonite fossil pendant that I wrote about when I was making it.

I'm working on the ammonite commission I talked about earlier. The top of the shell is fossilized as it looked 100 million years ago...quite amazing.  It's a rainbow tinted coil.  The back is attractively brown calcified fossil.  The ammonite itself will be dark silver with an emerald eye holding a vivid Ethiopian opal. It looks great in purple carving wax.  It's fairly realistic, but the ends of the tentacle have a balanced harmony of coil that changes it to a simultaneously more stylized design.

It's in the collection of Pierce and David Ludke.

Length of the pendant was approximatley 3.5 inches.  I"m still jazzed about wokring with a 100 million year old fossil.

And on a completely different note, I don't usually take photos of my cat but she arranged herself in such an aesthtic way that this snapshot was irresistible.   I'm going back to my bench now to carve rings.
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