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Packing for Worldcon

Jewelry is all packed.  It took a full days work to sort out and pack the incredible new stones my lapidary sent me.  They include Numinite, also called Greenland opal.  Its rare and is from Greenland but it's not actually opal.  It's a black stone shot with what look like feathered rainbows.

My boxes are mostly packed.  I'm luxuriating int the fact that I'm traveling by car and can pack for me not the TSA and the airline.  I'm a little brain burned from writing a post on Body Impolitic on BarbaraNeely and The Help.  She a fabulous writer of the Blanch White mysteries and The Help is a movie that has just been very appropriately trashed by the Association of Black Women Historians. 

But back to jewelry. Tomorrow I'm making off white boards for some of the new black silver and black silver and gold jewelry.  Not surprising it doesn't show up very well on my traditional black velvet.  I experimented with white wool at Wiscon and that worked out rather electrically but not well.

This is a black silver pendant with kiln fired dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is made by bombarding glass with precious metals in a vacuum chamber.  Then the artist takes different colors of this glass and cut shape and fire it . Then it is reshaped and refired carefully to retain the textures. Because it must go from solid to liquid and back to solid. it is slowly annealed so that the molecules of the glass will regroup to maintain their strength. The artist is Nancy Pearlman who is now retired. 

I was fortunate to have three of her pieces to set.  One I made over a year ago and is in the collection of Laura Langford. This is the one set in black silver was just finished for Worldcon. I have one more although, of course, no two are alike.  I don't think I'll set the last one for quite a while.  The colors vary greatly depending on the lighting.  Actual size is about 2".  (It's packed so I can't measure it.)

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