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Finally a Photo
I photographed the ammonite fossilized shell with the black silver carved ammonite and 2 opals yesterday.  It's for the collection of David and Pierce Ludke.  I just sent it off yesterday in the mail, so I'll be putting it up after they get it.

Today, I just did this photograph of the silver pendant with the beach stone I got from Nalo Hopkinson with a tourmaline and an aquamarine.  The actual size is 2.5 by 1.5".

I've decided to just shoot and stop fussing so much.  I think if I do, I'll put up a lot more images.

This pendant is part of the group I'm finishing for Worldcon.  I'm working on the silver lace and pearl pieces right now.



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This is absolutely gorgeous! I love how the texture of your silver work enhances the stones and the overall feel of the piece. So very beautiful :D

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