laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,


It's feeling late but the jewelry is packed for Wiscon.

I made a new piece with a carved circle wound with pearls. I have to do a very final, very delicate touch to an emerald and gold earring commission that I'm bringing to Wiscon.

The dryad wax is done and I found some gorgeous little blue diamonds for it.

I spent most of the afternoon packing new stones.  I have an amazing cave like fossilized coral piece with tiny flashing drusie crystals.  And a domed fire agate and carved sunstones and a huge ammonite and and....  It was a good afternoon.  My stone boxes are stuffed!

Next is getting showcases, displays etc packed and hopefully saving my new flowers from the evil avocado tree leaves before I leave.

Really looking forward to Wiscon.

Tags: art jewelry, jewelry, stones, wiscon
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