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It's feeling late but the jewelry is packed for Wiscon.

I made a new piece with a carved circle wound with pearls. I have to do a very final, very delicate touch to an emerald and gold earring commission that I'm bringing to Wiscon.

The dryad wax is done and I found some gorgeous little blue diamonds for it.

I spent most of the afternoon packing new stones.  I have an amazing cave like fossilized coral piece with tiny flashing drusie crystals.  And a domed fire agate and carved sunstones and a huge ammonite and and....  It was a good afternoon.  My stone boxes are stuffed!

Next is getting showcases, displays etc packed and hopefully saving my new flowers from the evil avocado tree leaves before I leave.

Really looking forward to Wiscon.


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About showcases: what would you recommend?

We're doing a show (our first) this summer, and I have NO idea what to consider for that. I don't want to spend the earth- it's more a Ren Faire kind of thing than an artisan craft show, and I'll mostly be bringing my cast pendants and the like- probably mostly under $100, and damn near everything under $200. Still, I don't want stuff to go walkabout! It'll be mostly pendants, I expect.

Any advice?

Thanks so much for any help!

And, by the way, your stones sound scrumptious, as do the piec3es you describe- I'd love to see pictures 9but I know what a hassle that can be).

Have a great show!

I'm not sure what to tell you. All the portable cases I've had were made for me. They were simple wood boxes (light weight) with stylized legs that screwed on and a flat shelf that fit between them. Also tall wood rods that screwed into the legs so a banner could be attached to them. From what I know Ren Fair is a woody vaguely historical look. I would recommend plexi rather then glass. You do have to change it out more often but it _doesn't_ break.

My present cases are plexi and metal corners and clips that I assemble there. (They need to go in boxes under the plane.)

A few velvet boards (possibly framed) placed vertically so that folks can see your work from a distance can also be a good idea. I'm generally a fan of lots of black velvet...but it does have problems if you're out of doors.

There should be a photo of the dryad pendant once it's made.

Good luck with the show!

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