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A Good Night
I'm sitting here smiling at 10 finished Women of Japan Wiscon Portfolios.  I spent a lot of time working to make the photos and Japanese/English texts work together as art and I'm really pleased with how they look.

And now I'm going through my stones to choose the ones to bring to Wiscon.  Going through my stones, of which there are many, is one of my very favorite things.  I have stones I'm thinking about laid out in my studio, but life is usually desne enough that i don't get to look through them thoroughly very often.  But tonight and tomorrow I have time.

I have more stones now than I'll ever be able to set even if I live to an active 100, but I keep on finding new and unusual ones.  It's definitely one of my obsessions, particularly opals.  And right now I'm looking at opals.

Mood: Delighted (possibly gloating)

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Visualizing you sitting, thoroughly looking through your stone, and especially the opals...'tis a thing of joy. Thank you for writing about it!

I always knew you were a dragon--in the nicest possible way.

See you soon!

I'm going to have to start thinking about them as a hoard.

Gloating over stones is such a delight!

Like I said to Delia, I think I may be gloating over my hoard.

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