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Body Impolitic Back Up
Hurray Body Impolitic is  back up!  (Please pass it on.)  It was getting very frustrating

There was a problem when we upgraded to a new version of Word Press and we're been down since Wednesday.  Thanks to Paul Novitski, who does our web work, we're up and running again.

I looks like everything is in order, but if you notice something that doesn't look right, please let us know.

And there will be a new post up later tonight.

Meanwhile most of the polishing is done.  Some of the rings are set and I am thinking about a black bodied, gold winged dragon fly with a sapphire head.  I won't have it done for Norwescon but I should have it ready for Wiscon.

And, it turns out,  I did have one last antique crystal rose, so i made into a necklace with rose  pearls.  And I'm finished working on the hammered silver pearl necklaces.