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OK all the jewelry for Boskone is finished.  I'd expected to post more this week but I got very narrowly focused on getting things done. 

Lost wax jewelry is finished, polished and set.  I made one bead necklace with large moonstones, vintage Chinese beads and narrow art iridescent deco tubes.  I really like it.  Also I finished some new gear work pieces.  One had a large steel watch part with a couple of moving gears.

I got some amazing lowland  Ethiopian opals from my lapidary to bring with me..  They look like liquid rainbows.  I'm excited about working with them.

And I get to bring my friend  Marsha her ring, a chatoyant dendritic malachite with a diamond flecked waterfall.  And I'll be bringing the black persimmon ( dark antiqued silver and rubies) pendant for Bayla as well, so I'll be able to finally put up the photo of it when I return.  The malachite is pretty much unphotographable.

This is a stunning boulder opal I set for the collection of Val Ontell. She bought it in Australlia. The setting is subtlety textured to compliment the stone.  Actual size is about 1".

Oh and the onions I planted are being mildly dug up by what I suspect are squirrels.

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I hope to see that chatoyant dendritic malachite. A friend with GBM brain cancer had dendritic cell immunotherapy in Germany and I've been interested in the word dendritic ever since.

See you soon! That will be good.

I'll definitely have a beautiful large chatoyant dendritic malachite to show you. Until you wrote I hadn't thought about the fact that same word means a kind of cell and mineral crystals.

Really looking forward to seeing you.

Oh, that's just a gorgeous piece up there.


Gorgeous piece.

Hmm, yeah, either squirrels or gophers. The squirrels probably don't actually want the onions, but are wondering if you buried something else good there. Apply cayenne.

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