laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Pearls Labradorite And Cabuchons

Had an excellent dim sum with my family on the 25th.

I just got some very fine baroque pearls that are similar to the pearls I used for birds wing designs these last few years. (The large pearls that I can't get anymore.) These are much smaller and _really_ lovely.  I'm already imagining them as dragonfly or possibly damselfly wings.

Also some small excellent quality cabochons that include citrine, aquamarine and peridot.  Maybe one of them will be the dragonfly's head.

I'm not working this week and it feels great.  Everything is put away so there are no triggers for thinking about design. (Notice how well that worked.) Didn't finish til the 24th and I"m really enjoying the quiet.

This is a labradorite, black pearl and sterling pendant from the collection of David and Pierce Ludke.  David took the photograph. (double

Tags: art jewelry, gem stones, jewelry, stones
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