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I'm as done as I ever am.  The pendants are ready for setting and the dark pomegranate is subtly polished and ready for its ruby seeds.
Setting is after my holiday break.

I'll be spending some time thinking about the opal, silver and silk weave pendant I'm still contemplating and working on.   The giraffe sculpture is still dancing in my head. 

Looking forward to getting some obsidian with blood red drops in it from my lapidary in the next week or so.  And I have a marvelous new commissin to look forward to that involves beautiful large Asian crescent earrings that will be the center pieces of a carved link necklace with some small diamonds.  More about that later.

Looking forward to my family's traditional Dim Sum and movie on Saturday followed by lots of quiet.

Best to everyone for the holidays.

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You can find obsidian with blood red drops it in? You kind of just blew my mind for a second. I find that awfully exciting.

And I would really like to see your pomegranate when you're done.

Have a lovely holiday.

The obsidian was news to me too. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Will have a photo of the pomegranate when it's done.

Have a great holiday.

I can't wait to see pictures of the pomegranate!!!!

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