laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Hello I Must Be Staying

I'm back until mid February and mostly caught up on a lot more jewelry work then I expected to be doing. It's been very intense.

Among other things, I got inspired in the midst of everything else and did a lot of work on the black pomegranate pendant. Except for the pop art Madagascar ocean jasper pendant, it's my first piece with text. There will be a photo, although given how black it is, I'm not sure how it will come out.

I had a problem with my torch (now fixed) the delayed some of my ring sizings. But I'm looking a the very last of the work packaged up to go to the PO tomorrow.

I still have some delicate complicated polishing to do on the black pomegranate before the stones are set. (They're wonderful dark rubies.)

Still have a lot going on this week. But I can finally pick my head up and, among other things, start writing regularly here again.  Nice to be back.

Tags: art jewelry, gems, jewelry, stones

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