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Finally Writing Again Reposted

This is a repost after I tried to fix this when I first got up. 

Apparently it was broken up and hard to read. Thanks deakat and annaoj for helping me pack up at World Fantasy. I really appreciated them. It made a huge difference in the quality of my life that last day. I had a lovely dinner with them afterwards.

I sold a flower piece (rather tulip like) with a marvelous flat baroque pearl about 2" long.  Pearl was white with tones of gold and mauve.  I'd tried to photograph it earlier, but the tonalities in the pearl really weren't very photographable.  It was the last pearl like that I'm every going to have.  I've had them occasionally over the years, and mostly used them in designs for birds wings.  I'll miss working with them.  The pendant found a very good home.

Photo below is from the collection of David and Pierce Ludke, beautifully photographed by David.  The design is a map of a mythic country.  The stone is a boulder opal

I finally finished the jewelry I needed to do for Loscon.  (It's Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles.) I'll visit my friend, who is home now, tomorrow and then do the final work and leave on Wednesday.  I'm driving down with a friend.  I had airline reservations that I canceled since the newest TSA security theater, the body scanners, are past my limits unless air is _really_ necessary.  See Marlene's  post I'm Taking the Train on Body Impolitic . 

I feels good to be writing here again.

Note: Please forgive typos.  I'm in no place to seriously copy edit.

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