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Hello I Must Be Going
I'm back and moderately recovered from Bouchercon and leaving for World Fantasy on Tuesday. 

I have some amazing stones that I just got from my lapidary that I'll have there.  They include a very unusual deep red flashed lowland Ethiopian opal and a gold dendritic opalite with a gorgeous cats eye.  I have lots of new stones.

As it turns out, I may not have help for the breakdown and packing at World Fantasy on Sunday.  If that happens, I'd really appreciate some help.   

Looking forward to seeing lots of people.

Mood:Slightly Fried and Anticipatory

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Have fun! We're skipping this year, having gone to Sirens instead, but will be back for San Diego!

I'll miss you. See you in San Diego.

I'll miss you, too. Hope it's a great con!

I'm local, and I could probably help you on Sunday.

I'm looking forward to seeing your new work. Also, I'd be happy to help with the breakdown and packing if you still need it.

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