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Photo Of the Week

I’m going to be putting up a weekly photo from now on Body Impolitic.  I've decided to post it on LJ as well.  If I keep track (and I will) I shouldn’t be repeating myself for a very long time.  This one is of June Gladney at a masquerade with a painted dragon tattoo on her bare left side where she had her mastectomy.  Double click for a useful size.  Is there a way to post larger images directly on my journal?


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I am salivating at the thought of the broomstick. Do you want people to put in reservations? I hope to be at Boskone.


I'm about to post the details and photo about the broom right now. If you want, you can reserve one for Boskone or order one of the limited number that are available now. See the new post tonight.

Yes, Its gorgeous. I have misplaced your e-mail- let me know where I can send my particulars.

Thanks, just sent you a message with email.

Just checking in before World Fantasy. Do you want one now or at Boskone? You can reach me at lte@laurietobyedison.com

I forgot to tell you that you can also reach me at louisebee at verizon.net (suitably encoded toi thward the demon spam)1
Louise (aka 6_penny)

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