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Photo Of the Week

I’m going to be putting up a weekly photo from now on Body Impolitic.  I've decided to post it on LJ as well.  If I keep track (and I will) I shouldn’t be repeating myself for a very long time.  This one is of June Gladney at a masquerade with a painted dragon tattoo on her bare left side where she had her mastectomy.  Double click for a useful size.  Is there a way to post larger images directly on my journal?


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Beautiful and regal. :) I've promised myself that if life's road takes me through a mastectomy, I will make a glorious tattoo bloom in place of absent flesh. Paint is a wonderful answer, too.

As for images: all I know, I learnt from the FAQ. Wish I could be more help.

She is a remarkable woman. I think I'd do the same. Thanks for sending me to the FAQ. I think it will be helpful Sometimes my impatience in certain areas makes me miss the obvious.

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