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Gear Work Necklet

I just redid my polishing room ... it's almost too small to be called a room.  I have a new Fordam flexible shaft that I use for polishing (as I've mentioned).  It's placed really well.  I have a new suction cone to polish over that's attached to a vacuum cleaner tube.  And I moved out some things that were at my feet and not helpfully placed.

Just polished my first pieces in the new set up and I love it.

I just finished a gear works necklet.  This is a _quick_ shot of the interesting part. The rest is the extended silver wire that goes around the neck and ends in the sections in the photo. It's sterling silver, black pearls and gears.

If you click for larger size it's pretty clear.  Actual size is about 6" by 5".  Plus of course the rest of the silver necklet.

I'm working on a new earring design of sterling hoops with gears.

And the Pratchett Granny Weatherwax broom sticks are made in silver.  Now I need to do the final work and add the subtle visual touch that looks like the magic that makes them fly. It's going to be interesting.

Mood: Intense

Tags: art jewelry, broomstick, granny weatherwax, jewelry, pratchett, steam punk, steam punk jewelry

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