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Pearl, Larimar, Tourmaline and Amatrine
Just finished the final 4 rings of the group I've been working on.

The pearl is over an inch long and looks almost likes peas in a pod (without the pod), except that is is one pearl.  The larimar is a soft blue with leaf like patterns.  The amatrine ( a mixture of citrine and amethyst) is a small square faceted stone, and the tourmaline is a soft clear green slice.

I am now seriously wax burned out and will be taking a break from carving for a bit.  Have lots of polishing to do.  I'm buying myself a new polisher (flexible shaft.) for the first time in over 20 years. 

The brooomstick from the Pratchett novels is cast in silver, as is the nightshade, and I'll be polishing them soon.

And I need to do some serious work on the In-Camera project.  Going to be a busy September.

Mood: Anticipation

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What sort of polisher are you getting? I ask, because I replace all my polishing stuff WAY more often than every 20 years, so I'm curious. I would LOVE to have stuff that I would not have to replace as often!

I think I may be having a vocabulary problem.

I used "polisher" to refer to a Fordham flexible shaft. I use it to polish with small mandrils of various kinds. (If anyone wants this explained in more detail I'll be happy to.)

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