laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

World Fantasy Con Membership for Sale

I have an _extra_ membership in World Fantasy to sell.  It's $125 (memberships are currenlty $165).   If you know anyone who might be interest I'd appreciate your passing this information on.

Just be extra clear after the NASFIC situation.  I am really looking forward to World Fantasy with a lot of new work.  I'll definitely be there.

I had a pretty transcendent breakthrough in the In_Camera project last night.  This resulted in very little sleep, so I'm in no shape to write about right now.  And I'm not sure it's in a place that I can write about coherently, but I will be talking about it in the few days.

My brain really isn't working very well.  The number of typos I just fixed is impressive.

Tags: world fantasy con, world fantasy membership, world fantasy membership sale

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