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Nightshade Progresses
I spent almost al of today working on the nightshade pendant.  It has, as it turns out, the berries as well as the flower.  Given the purple of the actual flowers, it really looks great carved in purple wax. I'm working on it again tomorrow and hopefully finishing the druse crystal malachite Chinese mountain pendant.

I just got an amazing opal from my cutter. It's lowland Ethiopian opal.  A clear golden color with a flamboyant vivid red flash. 

And I think I've finally figured out Esme's (Granny Weatherwax)  broomstick from Pratchett's Disc world.   I've been wanting to do another Disc world piece for quite a while.

Tomorrow should be another good working day.

Mood: Satisfied

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Last night, I dreamed that I made you a necklace. The part I made was very small. I started with a very cool necklace made of some unspecified silver-colored metal, a slender medium-length chain with a long fringe of other chains hanging from it, many very thin chains on the right, a few thick chains on the left, all of them having a small ring at the end.

What I did to this necklace was tie small curved brown breastfeathers to each ring, so that the necklace looked much less attractive when I was done. I was very pleased with it anyway, and so were you, particularly when you wore it and it burst into flame, surrounding you but not burning you. The small brown feathers were the breastfeathers of the phoenix.

Left completely unexplained: how I found the feathers, why this particular way of using them, what kind of knot secures a feather to a ring, where one finds fireproof string, why the feathers of the phoenix were brown rather than red. I loved the image of you surrounded by flames from your heart.


That's amazing. I'm elated and pretty tongue tied. I love the imagery and I'll be thinking hard about it. Thanks for the gift.

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