laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Back from Big Trees

I'm back from lots of big trees, redwood and sequoia groves.  Got to go north first toward Yosemite, and then have a good visit with my daughter Cid in Santa Cruz.

Now I'm back and working more on the Art Deco influenced necklace with the yellow and pale blue green Deco period stones.  Spent most of today working on it and it's getting close to finished.  Will definitely have a photo of it to put here.

This is the sunstone ring I was writing about earlier.  It's ring commission for David.  It's a sunstone in sterling with 7 small diamonds.  In the actual ring the diamonds give very delicate flickers of light to compliment the vivid sunstone.  They're not really visible in the photo.  But I'm honoring my promise to be less of a perfectionist.


I'm home for a couple of months now and looking forward to lots of carving.

Mood: Anticipation
Tags: art deco, art jewelry, jewelry, ring, sunstone

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