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Art, Activism, Tools
An interviewer was asking Jello Biafra if he was thinking about retiring and he said that art and activism are forever. That's more or less my plan.  Happy May Day!

Today I worked on doing the fabrication prep for sizing the rings for folks who got them at Norwescon. It's careful focused work, necessary, kind of OK, but definitely not exciting.

elisem asked me earlier about my tools for carving wax.  That dental-looking hook to the right of my alcohol lamp is what I carve and build everything with.  It's very finely tuned in terms of widths and curves and I'd be devastated it anything happened to it.  I do have a back up but it's not perfect.


On a different note, I put up a couple of new solarized photos I really like on Body Impolitic last night.

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I wasn't able to get out yesterday, but Monday I will definitely get to the new statue, and out to the cemetery.
If you don't know Chicago, you don't know that the Haymarket, just northwest of the Loop, was still a wholesale produce market ten or twenty years ago, when it got artsy and then yuppified. Randolph Street got heavy-handed redecoration for Mayor Junior's Democratic Convention in '96. So some artist looked out the window of his loft, saw the fancy new dividers/planters being installed, and grabbed a bunch of tile and set an impromptu mosaic into the wet cement honoring the Haymarket martyrs. The city workers, not knowing any different, helped him. It cost the city a bundle to jackhammer it out and replace the cement.

I'll leave a rose for you.

I didn't know about this event - thank you for mentioning it (I'm a newcomer to laurieopal's journal). I was in Chicago for the first time in early April, and I loved the city very much! Next time I'm there, I'll definitely look for this statue.

Thank you!

I didn't know much about of this, except of course about the Haymarket martyr history. I'll have to visit both places next time I'm in Chicago.

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