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Glorius Blue Tiger Eye

I have been experiencing great frustration in failing to get a good photo of the Van Gogh inspired "Starry Night" pendant with the yellow and black veracite and yellow sapphires.  The silver is dark but still silver with levels of light for a "Starry Night".  Unfortunately, while this works beautifully in the pendant it's almost impossible to photograph and I have given up.

I have an image of record but nothing to put up.  I did photograph a sunstone and diamond ring and will put it up as soon as David who commissioned it has received it.

althenesanguis  got the pendant below at Norwescon before anyone else had seen it.  I had set the stones about 2 days before the convention.   She sent me this photo very promptly so I could put it up.  I got overly fussy and wanted to do more work on it and then got overly busy and didn't. So I am now making myself happy by putting it up.

She took a truly lovely photo and I need to give up my photographer's perfectionism.... I'm working on it.


The design is a new direction for me and I'll probably be doing work in this feeling again.  The glorious blue tiger eye was cut by Lloyd Eshback . (This Wikipedia bio doesn't mention that he was a fabulous lapidary).  He cut it when he was in his eighties from rough he'd had for over 40 years.  I've never seen any blue tiger eye as fine as LLoyd's. The bottom stone is a very vivid boulder opal.  (As usual please click on the image to see it in the larger size.)

It's late and I'm tired.  Please excuse inevitable typos.

Tags: art jewlery, blue tiger eye, jewelry, lloyd eshbock, stones

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