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It's Late

I have a new modem and life is good.

I just set six stone rings.  Kyanite, gem chrisophrase, serpentine, blue tourmaline, faceted green quartz, and dark amethyst with golden rutile.  There is something very magical to me about a litany of stone names like this.   One of the things I liked about Jack Vance's novels was his endless lists of stones.

And the sunstone and diamond ring is finished, as it the Van Gogh Starry Night pendant with yellow veracite and yellow sapphires. (Another litany of stones.) I'm photographing both of them and I'll have photos up very soon.

And I polished an octopus ring for a cephalopod loving woman.  It's been a long good day.

Mood: Tired but replete

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I'm sure they are beautiful.

ooh, looking forward to pictures!

Thanks. Pictures in the next few days.

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