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Just spent all day sprueing new work for casting.  Definitely not my favorite thing, but a necessary part of the process.

Actually that's not quite true. I like it when I'm just doing a couple of pieces, but this was a group of work.  Two are gold and the rest sterling. Including the dark nebulas and a brilliant sunstone ring with diamonds.

The complicated pieces are always interesting because there's real thinking involved, but the simpler ones are just precise work.

Realized I should probably explain sprueing.  Sprues are the various wax attachments that go on to the work so that channels are created after the wax burns out of the mold and vaporizes. They  carry the metal to the piece.

One of the results of all day sprueing is a slight jewelers' back ache.

Mood: Achy
Tags: art jewelry, jewelry, lost wax casting, sprueing

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