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It's Late
I've been working in wax all since 2 and I had some work I wanted to finish so I pushed a bit. And now I have an ache between my shoulders.

But the art nouveau lily pendant is progressing really well.   The dark astronomicals  are looking finished and I'm figuring out some rings.

I'm thinking abut gold pendants in very open designs that depends a lot on perfect balance.  i may do one with an orange sapphire and one with a mauve pearl. 

And the type came today!  A friend warned me to cover the parts I handle with tape since it's lead.  Sounds like really good advice.

Tomorrow I'll shift to some metal work.


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Speaking as a typesetter, I'd recommend getting (if you don't already have it) some grit-cleaning hand soap; I wish I had a precise brand to recommend -- Lava soap is an example of the sort of thing I mean.

That's the best for getting lead residue out -- it also works well for ink, but you don't need to worry as much about that.

Frequent hand-washing and being aware that you don't touch your lips should do well, even if you don't tape off the pieces; it's what works for me, since I tend not to use gloves because I need the feel for speed and accuracy.

Thanks both for the good advice and for sending me to Arion in the first place. Love to see your new work one day.

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