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Finally went to Arion Press and got type (letterpress) samples.  People there were very helpful.  Lots of long corridors filled with drawers of type.

Turns out that my concerns about the melting point of lead were unnecessary. (lead 600+F and alcolhol burns  at 500F).  Just came home with the type and have been experimenting.   It will clealry work.  I've got samples of "Gill" font at 12 and 14 pts.  Think I'll get the 12 point.  It's clearly going to need a delicate touch and some new skills to write sentences easily in wax.

Chose Gill because it's non serif and what they call a humanizing font i.e. not quite so perfectly symetrical.  Apparently it was derived from London subway signs.

I'm going to need to make a metal sample asap to understand how it looks more clearly.

Meanwhile I've been working on dark silver astronomicals this week.  I should have a small suite of them for the NasFic.

Mood:  I have type!!!!
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I can't wait to see what you do with type!

I have a set of typewriter hammers that I'm hoping to use as stamps on annealed metal, though I'm a little concerned about damaging them in the process. The idea of these little bits of metal making words even after the machine's been taken apart (probably for parts, this was from eBay) is pretty nifty to me.

I love the idea of their making words. As far as damage goes, what metal are you annealing?

(replying belatedly because I was camping this weekend)

It'll be copper and maybe a little sterling. Probably fine for the typewriter parts in the short-to-medium term, and I got them for cheap enough that I'm OK with them degrading over time. I've thought about it a bit more and I think it's going to be part of my next project!

This sounds very interesting! Hmmm, poetry necklaces and bracelets.

Very likely, in some form. I'm really liking the way this is filling my head with words.

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