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Wiscon panels
At WisCon Mari Kotani and I are having have A Cross-Culture Work Conversation. I'm expecting to learn a lot from this conversation with Mari.  We've talked about our work often, but I think this conversation will open new areas of thought.

Mari will discuss cross-culture work in the specific context of her writings, her work with American fandom and her involvement in the Women of Japan, my photographic series exploring the variety of women who live in Japan. I'll be l discussing cross-culture work in the specific context of my Women of Japan project. (Note: discussing cross-culture work is not the same thing as discussing diversity issues in general or comparing cultures.)

There is an article by wild_irises, me, photography scholar Mika Kobayashi and Rebecca Jennison in the excellent online academic journal Japan Focus, Body Image in Japan and the US.  If you're interested in cross cultural and social change work I think you'll find it interesting.

Last year we had a fascinating talk on the Metal, Beads, Fiber and High Geekiness about work, women, and art/craft.  I'm looking forward to seeing where the  Feminism, Craftswomen, and Art takes the conversation. I'm the moderator with panelists elisem and Mary Anne Mohanraj 

There is a long history of feminism, craft and art by women. Women have always had  societal, internal and external forces to deal with in relation to their work, both creatively and economically.The panel will discuss this in the context of the panelists' work, alluding to the historical context

Mary Anne said "I have all these anxieties about not being a 'real' artist, and how I shouldn't steal time fromwriting to 'waste' it on just crafts...  And then on the other hand,  I have these weirdly angry rebellious thoughts in my head. "

I'm excited. 

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I trust you'll have a fabulous time!

A Cross-Culture Work Conversation sounds like it's likely to be truly valuable to all involved. I look forward to hearing about it the next time we talk.

Thanks. I expect I'll have lots to say.

How I wish I were going to be there--until I think about what I have to do in the next two weeks, at which point my decision not to go makes perfect sense. These panels sound wonderful. And it's been ages since I saw you. Ah, well. Say hello to Madison for me.

I wish you were coming. It's been too long. Oh well, as the Japanese say "see you next time".

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