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After the Volcano
My trip was canceled by clouds of ash, followed by the stomach flu. I am now recovered and on vacation, so I haven't been posting.

Norwescon was lovely.  Saw lots of folks I like and got some marvelous commissions, including one using images influenced by Van Gogh's starry skies.

I'll be off line til I get back from Wiscon on Memorial Weekend.

Here's a photo of the platypus sculpture's head.  Beak is a boulder opal.    I'll be posting more complete images when I get back.  They need some work and I'm on vacation!!

Have a lovely May.

Mood: Very relaxed.

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I want to kiss his sparkly beak. This platypus says boy to me for some reason. Enjoy your vacation.

I wasn't planning to comment while on on vacation but you are so right. The sculpture was definitely done as a male platypus. I had originally planned to have the poisonous spur (one way you tell the boys from the girls) in the sculpture, but it turned out to be hidden by the pose.

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