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Frogs, Nebulas and Pearls
I've been carving in wax a lot, and I have a wax bench backache that I need to loosen up with some yoga.

I've been working on an astronomical with a soldalite and a ragged shaped black opal.  I looked at nebula photos but none of them really suited the stones.  So, I made a imagined nebula from out beyond the Milky Way.  I liked being able to create my own nebula without careful reference for a change, but the piece was influenced by the Merope Reflection.

And I have a lovely little frog carving with touches of fire agate color that needed to be a ring to reflect properly.  I gave it a subtle lily pad.

I'm currently contemplating 2 antique salt water natural pearls.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but they're definitely in my consciousness.

I'm exhibiting at  Norwescon over Easter weekend.   I have a lot of folks in Seattle I'm looking forward to seeing.  I usually come with some visiting time but right now my dance card is too full.  I'll just be there for the convention.

Mood: Satisfied and Needing Yoga

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Are you planning to bring any more of your ear cuffs? I bought a dragon and moon one from you last year, and I've been wearing it every day since then.

Yes, I'll have ear cuffs. Glad the moon dragon is making you so happy.

Oooh, I'd love to see that ring. I have a weakness for frogs, and it's been far too long since we've attended the same conventions. Cheers and best wishes,

Me too, on the weakness for frogs. Maybe we'll cross paths this year.

oooh, we're looking forward to seeing the new Nebula. :)

I'm really anxious to see it polished and set.

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