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Back from Boston Again

I'm back and pretty recovered. It's my first day back in the world. Today was glorious and I spent a fair amount of it working in the garden. Tomorrow is rain again. I'm posting tonight on Body Impolitic with images from my new photo project. I've decided that even though this is a jewelry diary, that since the photography is part of my art, I'll be posting about it here as well.  Most of the photo posts will be cross blogged from Body Impolitic

I have two new photos from my In-Camera Project. As usual, please click on them to see at proper size. 

These are the digital color images I've been working on.  After I shoot them, they are not modified or manipulated except for cropping, so all the work is "in camera".  (Apologies to those who've heard the explanation already.)  The work is feeling very pure and direct, and I'm very happy with it.  I have a strong feeling that it's leading somewhere but I don't know where that is yet.  All I know at this point is that on some levels its about light.

The photo is of a lemon tree branch with a Japanese bell.

This is a quince blossom branch. If you look closely (at least on my monitor and in the print) you'll see that the background isn't truly black but designed. This photo was shot with flash, very unusual for me.

There are more images from the project here and here and more to come.

And I went to yoga tonight. Namaste

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