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Parts, Yoga and Columbine
I just did yoga. I've haven't been making it to class because life got very dense. I'm usually terrible at doing a practice at home and good about going to class so we'll see how this goes.

Made some steam punk parts and antique bead pieces today. On of the watch parts is amazing, with tiny gears elegantly on one side of a large steel one. I'm enjoying how different steel looks from silver. It calls for different design.

This is the columbine necklace that I wrote about  here.  I had expected to do a profile view of the flower but this front view worked.  Like the tree this took a lot of very delicate carving. Stones are garnets.  As usual  please click on to enlarge.

I have pasta cooking so I'm ending here.

Mood:  relaxed

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(Deleted comment)
Mmm. That's delicate and gorgeous.

I adore this piece. My weakness for garnets will get me in trouble one of these days, so I'm very glad that it's a commission. &hearts

Thanks! Me too on the garnets. I still have a few of my antique Hungarian garnets left.

Lovely work. And glad you are getting back to yoga. It's something I should try.

Thank you. I love yoga. Hopefully my home practice will happen.

I love this! Is it a commission, or for sale?

Given how well you know my work that's really cool. It's a commission but I could definitely do another columbine piece in the same quality and style of work.

I'm the proud owner of this piece. It's even lovelier in person. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it already:)

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